StyleCop.CSharp by StyleCop contributors, Andy Reeves, Chris Dahlberg

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Describes a type constraint clause within a C# file.
public CodePartType CodePartType { get; }

Gets the type of this code part.

public ICollection<CsToken> Constraints { get; }

Gets the list of constraints on the type, if any.

public int LineNumber { get; }

Gets the line number that the clause begins on.

public CodeLocation Location { get; }

Gets the location of the clause.

public ICodePart Parent { get; }

Gets the parent of the constraint clause.

public CodeUnit ParentElement { get; }

Gets the parent element that contains this type constraint.

public CsTokenList Tokens { get; }

Gets the list of tokens that form the constraint.

public CsToken Type { get; }

Gets the type being constrained.