StyleCop.CSharp by StyleCop contributors, Andy Reeves, Chris Dahlberg

<PackageReference Include="StyleCop.CSharp" Version="6.2.0" />

.NET API 245,760 bytes


Provides support for reading through a symbol list.
public Symbol Current { get; }

Gets the current symbol.

public int CurrentIndex { get; set; }

Gets or sets the current index.

public bool Generated { get; }

Gets a value indicating whether the symbol at the current index is within a generated code block.

public Symbol this[int symbolIndex] { get; }

Gets the symbol at the given index.

public SymbolManager(List<Symbol> symbols)

Initializes a new instance of the SymbolManager class.

public void Advance()

Advances to the next index.

public void Combine(int startIndex, int endIndex, string text, SymbolType type)

Combines a range of symbols into a single symbol.

Decrements the generated code blocks counter.

Increments the generated code blocks counter.

public Symbol Peek(int count)

Gets the symbol at the given location in the list, without advancing the current index.

public Region PopRegion()

Pops a region from the region stack.

public void PushRegion(Region region)

Pushes a region onto the region stack.