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public enum ExpressionType
The various Expression types in a C# document.

An anonymous method expression.

An arithmetic expression.

An array access expression.

An array initializer expression.

As = 4

An as-expression.

An assignment expression.

An attribute call expression.

Await = 7

An await expression.

Bodied = 8

A bodied expression.

Cast = 9

A cast expression.

Checked = 10

A checked expression.

A collection initializer expression.

A conditional expression.

A conditional logical expression.

Decrement = 14

A decrement expression.

A default value expression.

An event declarator expression.

A comma-separated list of expressions.

Increment = 17

An increment expression.

Is = 18

An is-expression.

Lambda = 19

A lambda expression.

Literal = 20

A literal expression.

Logical = 21

A logical expression.

A member access expression.

A method invocation expression.

NameOf = 24

A nameof expression.

New = 26

A new allocation expression.

NewArray = 25

A new array allocation expression.

A null-coalescing expression.

An object initializer expression.

A parenthesized expression.

Query = 30

A query expression.

Ref = 42

A reference value expression.

A relational expression.

Sizeof = 32

A sizeof expression.

A stackalloc expression.

Throw = 41

A throw exception expression.

Tuple = 43

A tuple expression.

Typeof = 34

A typeof expression.

Unary = 35

A unary expression.

Unchecked = 36

An unchecked expression.

An unsafe access expression.

A variable declaration expression.

A variable declarator expression.