StyleCop.CSharp by StyleCop contributors, Andy Reeves, Chris Dahlberg

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public enum ElementType
The various types of elements in a C# code file.
Accessor = 14

An accessor inside of a property, indexer, or event.

An assembly attribute.

Class = 18

A class element.

A constructor element.

The initialization code within a constructor's declaration.

A delegate element.

A destructor element.

An element consisting only of a single semicolon.

Enum = 11

An Enum element.

EnumItem = 19

An item in an enumeration.

Event = 10

An event element.

An extern alias directive.

Field = 6

A field element.

File = 0

A code file.

Indexer = 15

An indexer element.

Interface = 12

An interface element.

Method = 16

A method element.

A namespace element.

Property = 13

A property element.

Root = 1

The root of a document.

Struct = 17

A struct element.

A using directive.