StyleCop.CSharp by StyleCop contributors, Andy Reeves, Chris Dahlberg

<PackageReference Include="StyleCop.CSharp" Version="6.2.0" />

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A read-only collection of items.
public int Count { get; }

Gets the number of items in the list.

public bool IsReadOnly { get; }

Gets a value indicating whether the collection is read-only.

public ICodePart Parent { get; }

Gets the parent of all items in the collection.

Initializes a new instance of the CodeUnitCollection<T> class. Initializes a new instance of the CodeUnitCollection class.

public bool Contains(T item)

Determines whether the given item is contained within the collection.

public void CopyTo(T[] array, int arrayIndex)

Copies the collection to the given array.

Gets an enumerator for iterating through the collection.

protected virtual void InitializeItem(T item)

Initializes an item when it is added to the list.

protected virtual void UninitializeItem(T item)

Uninitializes an item when it is removed from the list.