StyleCop.CSharp by StyleCop contributors, Andy Reeves, Chris Dahlberg

<PackageReference Include="StyleCop.CSharp" Version="6.2.0" />

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 StyleCop.CSharp 6.2.0

Contains the C# StyleCop "Classic" parser and classes used to create C# analyzers.

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    <authors>StyleCop contributors, Andy Reeves, Chris Dahlberg</authors>
    <owners>StyleCop contributors, Andy Reeves, Chris Dahlberg</owners>
    <description>Contains the C# StyleCop "Classic" parser and classes used to create C# analyzers.</description>
    <releaseNotes>For 6.2.0:
-Fixed ArgumentNullException on indexer initializer for dictionary (#214).
-Removed lingering usage of StyleCop.targets installed by StyleCop 4.7.

For 6.1.0:
-Added support for Visual Studio 2019 and newer.
-Fixed parsing of default value expressions without a specified type (#172).

For 6.0.0:
-Fixed parsing of switch statements with pattern matching (#154).
-Fixed parsing of nullable ValueTuple types (#163).
-Fixed parsing of pattern-matching expressions in LINQ statements (#171).
-Fixed parsing of ValueTuple types in foreach statements (#179).
-Fixed parsing of a local function with a namespace-qualified return type (#191).
-Fixed parsing of interpolated strings containing an "at" symbol (#192).
-Fixed parsing of variables named "yield" (#195).
-Fixed parsing of inline "out" variables.
-Fixed parsing of nullable local functions.
-Fixed analysis of spacing when the return type of a method is a Task with a ValueTuple result type (#141).
-Fixed the directory used when searching for a local copy of spelling libraries (#160).
-Included the local directory when searching for add-ins (#50).
-Expanded the supported target versions of Visual Studio Professional (#166).
-Made the "don't care" identifier (i.e. a single underscore character) acceptable (#140).</releaseNotes>
      <dependency id="StyleCop" version="6.2.0" />