StoneStepsWebalizer.MaxMindDB.Lib.VS2017.WinSDK.81.CRT.Dynamic by MaxMind (contents)

<PackageReference Include="StoneStepsWebalizer.MaxMindDB.Lib.VS2017.WinSDK.81.CRT.Dynamic" Version="1.3.2-rev5" />

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 StoneStepsWebalizer.MaxMindDB.Lib.VS2017.WinSDK.81.CRT.Dynamic 1.3.2-rev5

A build of MaxMind GeoIP DB library for Stone Steps Webalizer.

<package xmlns="">
    <authors>MaxMind (contents)</authors>
    <owners>Stone Steps (package)</owners>
    <license type="file">licenses\LICENSE.</license>
    <description>A build of MaxMind GeoIP DB library for Stone Steps Webalizer.</description>
    <releaseNotes>This package contains MaxMind DB C++ headers and libraries built in Visual Studio 2017 for 
Win32 and x64 platforms and Debug and Release configurations and while it is intended for
the Stone Steps Webalizer project, it can be used in other projects to implement a generic 
MaxMind DB reader. Stone Steps Webalizer is maintained at this location:

The MaxMind DB library is explicitly referenced within this package and will appear within 
the solution folder tree after the package is installed. The solution may need to be reloaded
to make the library file visible, so it can be moved into any solution folder, where it will
remain going forward.

Note that MaxMind DB library path is valid only for build configurations named Debug and
Release and will not be found for any other configuration name. Do not install this package
for projects with configurations other than Debug and Release.</releaseNotes>
    <tags>GeoIP, MaxMind DB, native</tags>