SigStat by Bence Kovari

<PackageReference Include="SigStat" Version="0.2.5" />


public abstract class PipelineBase : ILoggerObject, IProgress, IPipelineIO
TODO: Ideiglenes osztaly, C# 8.0 ban ezt atalakitani default implementacios interface be. ILoggerObject, IProgress, IPipelineIO default implementacioja.
public ILogger Logger { get; set; }

public virtual List<PipelineInput> PipelineInputs { get; }

A collection of inputs for the pipeline elements

public virtual List<PipelineOutput> PipelineOutputs { get; }

A collection of outputs for the pipeline elements

public int Progress { get; protected set; }

public event EventHandler<int> ProgressChanged

The event is raised whenever the value of Progress changes

public PipelineBase()

Initializes a new instance of the PipelineBase class.

protected virtual void OnProgressChanged()

Raises the ProgressChanged event