SigStat by Bence Kovari

<PackageReference Include="SigStat" Version="0.2.5" />


Namespace with 28 public types


 BasicMetadataExtraction Extracts basic statistical signature (like or ) information from an Image
 BenchmarkResults Contains the benchmark results of every and the summarized final results.
 DistanceMatrix`3 A Sparse Matrix representation of a distance graph.
 FeatureDescriptor Represents a feature with name and type.
 FeatureDescriptor`1 Represents a feature with the type
 Loop Represents a loop in a signature
 Result Contains the benchmark results of a single
 Sampler Takes samples from a set of s by given sampling strategies. Use this to fine-tune the
 Signature Represents a signature as a collection of features, containing the data that flows in the pipeline.
 Signer Represents a person as an and a list of .
 SimpleRenderingTransformation Renders an image of the signature based on the available online information (X,Y,Dpi)
 StrokeInterval Represents a stroke in an online signature
 VerifierBenchmark Benchmarking class to test error rates of a


 ErrorRate Represents the ErrorRates achieved in a benchmark


 Origin Represents our knowledge on the origin of a signature.
 StrokeType Describes the type of a stroke

 Static Classes

 ArrayExtension Helper methods for processing arrays
 Features Standard set of features.
 ILoggerObjectExtensions ILoggerObject extension methods for common scenarios.
 IOExtensions Extension methods for common IO operations
 MathHelper Common mathematical functions used by the SigStat framework
 SignatureHelper Helper functions for the management of signatures
 SigStatEvents Standard event identifiers used by the SigStat system
 StrokeHelper Helper class for locating and manipulating strokes in an online signature

 Abstract Classes

 PipelineBase TODO: Ideiglenes osztaly, C# 8.0 ban ezt atalakitani default implementacios interface be. ILoggerObject, IProgress, IPipelineIO default implementacioja.


 ILoggerObject Represents a type, that contains an ILogger property that can be used to perform logging.
 ITransformation Allows implementing a pipeline transform item capable of logging, progress tracking and IO rewiring.