ServiceControl.Contracts by Particular Software

<PackageReference Include="ServiceControl.Contracts" Version="4.0.0" />


public class MessageFailed
Event emitted for each message that ServiceControl detects as failed
public class Endpoint

Endpoint specific details

public class FailureInfo

Information about the failure

public class Message

Message details

public enum MessageStatus

Valid message statuses

public string FailedMessageId { get; set; }

The unique identifier for this failure generated by the ServiceControl

public FailureInfo FailureDetails { get; set; }

Details about the reason for this particular failure

public Message MessageDetails { get; set; }

Details about the message itself.

public string MessageType { get; set; }

The message type of the message

public int NumberOfProcessingAttempts { get; set; }

The number of times this message was attempted to be processed

public Endpoint ProcessingEndpoint { get; set; }

The endpoint where the message failed to be processed

public Endpoint SendingEndpoint { get; set; }

The endpoint who sent the message

public MessageStatus Status { get; set; }

Status of the failed message

public MessageFailed()