Prism.Plugin.Popups.Unity by Dan Siegel

<PackageReference Include="Prism.Plugin.Popups.Unity" Version="2.0.0-pre1" />

 Prism.Plugin.Popups.Unity 2.0.0-pre1

Prism Unity Plugin for Xamarin Forms to provide Popup Navigation

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    <authors>Dan Siegel</authors>
    <owners>Dan Siegel</owners>
    <description>Prism Unity Plugin for Xamarin Forms to provide Popup Navigation</description>
    <summary>Provides extensions to the Navigation Service to allow Prism Navigation for Popup Pages</summary>
-Adds PopupPageNavigationService
-Marks `PopupGoBackAsync` and `PushPopupAsync` extension methods as obsolete in favor of directly using the `INavigationService.GoBackAsync` &amp; `INavigationService.NavigateAsync` methods
-Adds Registration extension for all DI Containers with overload so that users can add custom logic to the `PopupPageNavigationService`
-Adds support for Prism.Forms IDestructible
-Adds support for new INavigationAware paradigm with `INavigatingAware` and `INavigatedAware`
-Breaking Change: Removes Non-Async version of ClearPopupStack
-Ensures OnNavigatingTo will fire on the 'Current Page' of any `NavigationPage`, `MasterDetailPage`, or `TabbedPage`
-Ensures OnNavigatingFrom will be called when pushing a PopupPage
- Fixes issue where the appropriate ViewModel was not being loaded 
- Adds overload to PushPopupAsync to directly add a single navigation parameter 
- Initial Prerelease Package</releaseNotes>
    <tags>prism popups xamarin forms</tags>
      <dependency id="Prism.Unity.Forms" version="6.3.0" />
      <dependency id="Rg.Plugins.Popup" version="1.0.4" />
      <dependency id="Xamarin.Forms" version="" />