PortablePrism.Portable by Andrii Chebukin

<PackageReference Include="PortablePrism.Portable" Version="1.0.1" />


public interface IModuleCatalog
This is the expected catalog definition for the ModuleManager. The ModuleCatalog holds information about the modules that can be used by the application. Each module is described in a ModuleInfo class, that records the name, type and location of the module.

Gets all the ModuleInfo classes that are in the ModuleCatalog.

void AddModule(ModuleInfo moduleInfo)

Adds a ModuleInfo to the ModuleCatalog.

Returns the collection of ModuleInfos that contain both the ModuleInfos in modules, but also all the modules they depend on.

Return the list of ModuleInfos that moduleInfo depends on.

void Initialize()

Initializes the catalog, which may load and validate the modules.