Plarium.Geo.Client by Anton Nesterenko

<PackageReference Include="Plarium.Geo.Client" Version="1.0.12" />

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 Plarium.Geo.Client 1.0.12

Lightweight GeoIP service based on MaxMind GeoIP2 database

<package xmlns="">
    <title>GeoIP Service Library</title>
    <authors>Anton Nesterenko</authors>
    <description>Lightweight GeoIP service based on MaxMind GeoIP2 database</description>
    <summary>Lightweight GeoIP library to determine the country, dial-code, timezone associated with IPv4 addresses. It uses the MaxMind GeoIP2 (free) database which needs to be downloaded using embedded updater.

# updater usage
string binFile = "geoip.bin";
string dbUrl = "";

var updater = new GeoUpdater();
updater.Update(binFile, dbUrl);

# client usage
var client = new GeoClient(new MemoryGeoSource(binFile));
    <copyright>Anton Nesterenko at Plarium</copyright>
    <tags>ip geoip geoip2 geolocation ip2location iptolocation maxmind</tags>