NReplayGain by David Robinson, Glen Sawyer, Frank Klemm, Marcel Müller, Ivailo Karamanolev, Kyle McClellan

<PackageReference Include="NReplayGain" Version="1.0.1" />


public class TrackGain : IDisposable
Contains ReplayGain data for a track.
public TrackGain(int sampleRate, int sampleSize)

public void AnalyzeSamples(int[] leftSamples, int[] rightSamples)

public void Dispose()

Disposes the resources used to calculate ReplayGain, but doesn't clear the result of the analysis.

public double GetGain()

Returns the normalization gain for the track in decibels.

public double GetPeak()

Returns the peak title value, normalized to the [0,1] interval.