MultiPlug.Extension.Core by British Systems

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 MultiPlug.Extension.Core 1.0.63

Library to create Extensions for the MultiPlug .Net Edge Computing Platform

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    <title>MultiPlug Extension Core</title>
    <authors>British Systems</authors>
    <owners>British Systems</owners>
    <license type="file">LICENSE.txt</license>
    <description>Library to create Extensions for the MultiPlug .Net Edge Computing Platform</description>
    <summary>MultiPlug Extensions Library</summary>
To create an MultiPlug Extension:
* Extend a class from 'MultiPlugExtension' class.
* The Extension name will be the value of the 'Product' in the Assembly Information of the project.
* The Assembly name should be prefixed it with 'MultiPlug.Ext.'
* Target .Net Framework 4.7.2.
* Optionally upload the Extension Assembly file to Nuget OR place it in the extensions folder within the MultiPlug home directory, within a folder of the same name as the Extension Assembly .dll file.
* Enable it within the MultiPlug User Interface or the \config\MultiPlug.config file.

1.0.63 Enhancement: MultiPlugActionsAPI.System now contains Setup.BeginInstallationFromDirectory( theDirectoryPath ) to install an Extension or System Update
1.0.62 Enhancement: Improvements to constructors of Recipe, RecipeCollection and RecipeItem
1.0.61 Enhancement: FeatureCanUnload Attribute Added to prevent Extensions from being unloaded
1.0.59 Enhancement: New MultiPlugAPI, MultiPlugActions, MultiPlugServices available within MultiPlugExtension class
1.0.58 Enhancement: ToObject and ToJson added to Recipe() 
1.0.56 Refactoring: Load(string theJson) signature changed to a Json string - Load(object) can also be used
1.0.55 All Extensions now have the ability to Push and Consume system wide recipes
1.0.54 Refactoring
1.0.53 Refactoring: MPSignal changes to Action
1.0.52 Enhancement: MultiPlugSignals is now used to signal to MultiPlug that changes have been made to Events, Subscriptions and HTTPEndpoints
1.0.51 New Attributes for HTTPEndpoints
1.0.50 Attributes
1.0.49 Refactoring: IConfigurator renamed to IRecipe
1.0.48 Enhancement: MultiPlugAPI can now be accessed from MultiPlugExtension
1.0.47 MultiPlug.Base to 1.0.33. Lots of refactoring. ExtensionBase renamed to MultiPlugExtension. All Lists removed.
1.0.46 Enhancement: Razor templates source must be declared upfront and not on every on every response.
1.0.45 MultiPlug.Base to 1.0.28
1.0.44 MultiPlug.Base to 1.0.23
1.0.43 ITheme added to allow Extensions to serve Themes and Assets.</releaseNotes>
    <copyright>Great British Systems Ltd 2021</copyright>
    <tags>MultiPlug IOT Edge_Computing IIOT Edge Computing</tags>
      <group targetFramework=".NETFramework4.7.2">
        <dependency id="MultiPlug.Base" version="1.0.64" />