MultiPlug.Ext.Recipe.File by British Systems

<PackageReference Include="MultiPlug.Ext.Recipe.File" Version="1.0.14" />

 MultiPlug.Ext.Recipe.File 1.0.14

Multiplug Local File Recipe Manager

<package xmlns="">
    <title>Multiplug Local File Recipe Manager</title>
    <authors>British Systems</authors>
    <owners>British Systems</owners>
    <license type="expression">MIT</license>
    <description>Multiplug Local File Recipe Manager</description>
    <releaseNotes>Application Use:
* Allows MultiPlug configurations (recipes) to be saved and loaded from a file.

Change Log:
1.0.14 Enhancement: Download and Sideload Individual recipe items by either a file or via a text editor, or a complete recipe. 
1.0.13 Enhancement: Merges Extension Recipes on Save.
1.0.12 Enhancement: Download Json for each Extension
1.0.11 Compatible with MultiPlug.Core 2.2.68
1.0.10 Enhancement: Applied latest base classes
1.0.8 No change
1.0.7 Bug: Due to refactor
1.0.6 Refactor: Renaming due to base classes changes.
1.0.5 Enhancement: Applied latest base classes</releaseNotes>
    <copyright>Great British Systems Ltd 2021</copyright>
    <tags>MultiPlug IOT Edge Edge_Computing IIOT</tags>
      <group targetFramework=".NETFramework4.7.2">
        <dependency id="MultiPlug.Base" version="1.0.62" />
        <dependency id="MultiPlug.Extension.Core" version="1.0.62" />
        <dependency id="MultiPlug.Core" version="2.2.75" />