MultiPlug.Core by British Systems

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 MultiPlug.Core 2.2.80

Core files for an MultiPlug update

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    <title>MultiPlug Core</title>
    <authors>British Systems</authors>
    <owners>British Systems</owners>
    <description>Core files for an MultiPlug update</description>
2.2.80 Enhancement:
2.2.79 Enhancement:
2.2.78 Breakage changes to Config files
2.2.77 Enhancement:
2.2.75 and other bug fixes
2.2.70 Basic and Token Auth now supported. Bug: Route Post verb not serving responses.
2.2.69 API Wildcard Route bug. Network/Rest-Host Enhancement when IPs change. Http Port change from 80 bugs.
2.2.68 Many Enhancements and Bugs
2.2.67 Enhancement: Added Location for discovery. This can be set in Settings/Environment
2.2.66 Bug: /multiplug/status wasn't returning a value
2.2.64 Bug: Post Verb with Apps
2.2.63 Enhancement: Trace Logging in the Preflight state. Bug: Updates when running on Linux (Mono). Bug: Update command via the CLI
2.2.62 Bug: Discovery wouldn't work when running on Linux (Mono)
2.2.61 Bug: Extension Razor was not compiled if loaded after the system initialisation
2.2.60 Enhancement: Superuser overrides all ACL checks
2.2.59 Bug: Start would fail if no updates folder found
2.2.58 Bug: MultiPlug.Core Updating - Enhancement: Deleting old files
2.2.57 Enhancement: Introduction of User Access Rights using MultiPlug.Auth.config
2.2.56 Bugs
2.2.55 Enhancement: Apps can now be hidden
2.2.54 Enhancement: Updates by Sideloading
2.2.53 Enhancement: Added MultiPlugAPI that can be accessed from MultiPlugExtension or /multiplug/
2.2.52 Refactoring: Applied latest base classes.
2.2.51 Bug: API Post handling
2.2.50 Enhancement: Parallel Extension Loading
2.2.49 Enhancement: Option to Shutdown host device
2.2.48 Enhancement: Linux system restart option
2.2.47 Enhancement: Update available from the CLI using 'update -e ExtensionName' or -c for Core
2.2.46 Bug: Failed startup due to Extensions that are incompatible
2.2.45 Bug: Missing razor templates for Settings-Apps and Settings-Extensions
2.2.44 Bug: In startup due to razor compiling
2.2.43 Bug: In evaluation
2.2.42 Internal refactoring, no enhancements
2.2.41 Enhancement: Included 1.0.25 MultiPlug.Base - Subscribers can now call GetCachedValue() within EventConsumer to get a cached (or new) copy of a Event's data (implementation dependant)
2.2.40 Enhancement: Authentication Providers, see IAuthentication and MultiPlug.Auth.* assemblies
2.2.39 Enhancement: Licensing
2.2.38 Bugs: For Mono Framework
2.2.36 Bug: knock on bugs.	
2.2.35 Enhancement: Get method parameter(s) can now be automatically loaded by the Query String values	
2.2.33 Bug: Assets controller was missing query string data preventing J/S web sockets from loading.
2.2.31 Enhancement: Introduced 'Safe Mode' when theme is unable to be set on startup.
2.2.30 Enhancement: Themes are now Extensions.
2.2.25 Bug: Updater wasn't refreshing the assembly version meta after an update.</releaseNotes>
    <copyright>Great British Systems Ltd 2022</copyright>
    <tags>MultiPlug IOT Edge_Computing Edge IIOT Microsoft_Windows RasPi x86</tags>
    <repository type="git" url="" />
      <group targetFramework=".NETFramework4.7.2">
        <dependency id="MultiPlug.Base" version="1.0.71" />
        <dependency id="MultiPlug.Extension.Core" version="1.0.63" />