MultiPlug.Base by British Systems

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 MultiPlug.Base 1.0.71

Base types for the MultiPlug .Net Edge Computing Platform

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    <title>MultiPlug Base</title>
    <authors>British Systems</authors>
    <owners>British Systems</owners>
    <license type="file">LICENSE.txt</license>
    <description>Base types for the MultiPlug .Net Edge Computing Platform</description>
    <summary>MultiPlug Base Types</summary>
1.0.69 Removed unused classes
1.0.68 Enhancement: Subscription Subjects set by Subscription[2,4,7] syntax of the Id
1.0.67 Enhancement: GetSubscriptionByGuid( string ) helper function now found in the EdgeAppExtensionModel (for the views)
1.0.65 Enhancement: MultiPlugAPI.Configuration now contains Localisation.Language and Localisation.Country
1.0.64 Enhancement: MultiPlugAPI.Runtime now contains Update.Pending to check if a software update is pending.
1.0.63 Enhancement: Subscriptions have been made Thread-Safe by default. Set Subscription.ThreadSafe to false to disable
1.0.62 Enhancement: UploadFilePaths lists files that have been uploaded via a POST.
1.0.61 No Change. Deployment Bug
1.0.60 Bug: Null Exception in SubscriptionEvent while Cache() not implemented.
1.0.59 Enhancement: Merging of Subject values
1.0.58 Bug: Duplicate Dictionary entry not checked in SubscriptionEvent
1.0.57 Enhancement: TryGetValue added to SubscriptionEvent
1.0.56 Enhancement: Subscription.Event signature changed to SubscriptionEvent which contains an indexer helper, also existing Payload and PayloadSubjects Array related to the Subject Index Array.
1.0.55 Bug: Subscription.Merge wasn't merging the Subjects
1.0.54 Enhancement: EventConsumer in Subscription is now Obsolete. Attach to 'Event' within Subscription and call Cache() within Subscription instead.
1.0.53 Refactoring: Changes to IAuthentication
1.0.52 Refactoring: Changes to IAuthentication
1.0.51 Enhancement: MultiPlugAPI API now includes HttpEndpoints listing all the Http Endpoints of a given type
1.0.50 Enhancement: EventLogDefinition Source is now a uint
1.0.49 Refactoring: And Diagnostics
1.0.48 Enhancement: Added Environment section to config file.
1.0.47 Enhancement: Added Location to Environment
1.0.46 Enhancement: Added files path to config file.
1.0.45 Refactoring: Configurators renamed to Recipes
1.0.44 Enhancement: StatusCodeTemplate comtains error template
1.0.43 Refactoring: File structures updated
1.0.42 Refactoring: File structures updated
1.0.41 Refactoring: File structures updated
1.0.40 Refactoring: File structures updated
1.0.39 Refactoring: EventableBase.Update is Action. File structures added.
1.0.38 Refactoring: EventableBase.Update is now an MPEventHandler (delegate) an no longer an event
1.0.37 Enhancement: Pair allows a object to be converted to a JSON string.
1.0.36 Enhancement: Hidden property added to HttpEndpointDetails
1.0.35 Refactoring: ViewCopy moved here and renamed to EndpointDetails
1.0.34 Enhancement: MultiPlugAPI
1.0.33 Enhancement: Keys array has been added to 'Event', use this to declare values of Pairs.'Payload' values are now readonly and can only be set by the contructor. 'Pair' values are now readonly and can only be set by the contructor
1.0.32 Enhancement: Event and Subscription Merge helper functions no longer check for Guid value.
1.0.31 Enhancement: Event and Subscription now have Merge helper functions
1.0.29 Refactoring: Response.Template no longer returns the razor source code. Response.Templates removed.
1.0.28 No Change. Version number bump.
1.0.27 Refactoring: Group renamed to Payload. OnReceive renamed to OnEvent.
1.0.26 Enhancement: 'Group' now has TimeToLive and Status.
1.0.25 Enhancement: Subscribers can now call GetCachedValue() within EventConsumer to get a cached (or new) copy of a Event's data (implementation dependant).
1.0.24 Enhancement: IAuthentication to create Authentication Providers as MultiPlug.Auth.* assembly.</releaseNotes>
    <copyright>Great British Systems Ltd 2022</copyright>
    <tags>MultiPlug IOT Edge_Computing IIOT Edge Computing</tags>
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      <group targetFramework=".NETFramework4.7.2" />