MsCrmTools.AuditCenter by MscrmTools

<PackageReference Include="MsCrmTools.AuditCenter" Version="1.2019.11.2" />

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 MsCrmTools.AuditCenter 1.2019.11.2

Allows you to define audit settings

<package xmlns="">
    <title>Audit Center for XrmToolBox</title>
    <description>Allows you to define audit settings</description>
    <summary>Allows you to define audit settings</summary>
    <releaseNotes>Fix issue when loading entities
Fix issue that reset some attributes property
Fix issue that might happen regarding attribute not able to be set as auditable</releaseNotes>
    <tags>XrmToolBox Plugin Audit</tags>
      <dependency id="XrmToolBox" version="1.2016.5.27" />