MaxMind.GeoIP2 by MaxMind.GeoIP2

<PackageReference Include="MaxMind.GeoIP2" Version="2.8.0" />


public class AsnResponse : AbstractResponse
This class represents the GeoLite2 ASN response.
public int? AutonomousSystemNumber { get; }

The autonomous system number associated with the IP address.

public string AutonomousSystemOrganization { get; }

The organization associated with the registered autonomous system number for the IP address.

public string IPAddress { get; }

The IP address that the data in the model is for. If you performed a "me" lookup against the web service, this will be the externally routable IP address for the system the code is running on. If the system is behind a NAT, this may differ from the IP address locally assigned to it.

public AsnResponse()

Construct an IspResponse model.

public AsnResponse(long? autonomousSystemNumber, string autonomousSystemOrganization, string ipAddress)

Construct an IspResponse model.