M42.Collections by Daniel Pelsmaeker

<PackageReference Include="M42.Collections" Version="0.6.5056.5071" />

 IMutableKeyedCollection<TKey, TValue>

public interface IMutableKeyedCollection<TKey, TValue> : IKeyedCollection<TKey, TValue>, IMutableCollection<IAssociation<TKey, TValue>>, ICollection<IAssociation<TKey, TValue>>, IEnumerable<IAssociation<TKey, TValue>>, ICollection, IEnumerable
A mutable collection whose elements can be retrieved by key.
TValue this[TKey key] { get; set; }

Gets or sets an element that is associated with a key that is considered to be equal to the specified key.

bool Add(TKey key, TValue value)

Adds the specified key-value pair to the collection.

bool RemoveKey(object key)

Removes a key-value pair whose key is considered to be equal to the specified key from the collection.