Litdex.Security.RNG by Shiroechi

<PackageReference Include="Litdex.Security.RNG" Version="2.7.0" />

 Litdex.Security.RNG 2.7.0

Library that provide basic random generator function.

<package xmlns="">
    <license type="file">LICENSE</license>
    <description>Library that provide basic random generator function.</description>
    <releaseNotes>- Rename WyRng to Wyrand
- Add Seiran, Shioi, SFC 32
- Fix xml docs
- Change algorithm to generate number in range</releaseNotes>
    <tags>Random RNG PRNG Splitmix Xoroshiro GJrand JSF PCG MSWS Squares Tyche Tychei Romu</tags>
    <repository type="git" url="" />
      <group targetFramework="net5.0" />
      <group targetFramework=".NETStandard2.0" />