Leadpages.Drip.DripDotNet by dripaccounts

<PackageReference Include="Leadpages.Drip.DripDotNet" Version="1.2.0" />


public bool? DoubleOptin { get; set; }

Optional. If true, the double opt-in confirmation email is sent; if false, the confirmation email is skipped. Defaults to the value set on the campaign.

public bool? ReactivateIfRemoved { get; set; }

Optional. If true, re-subscribe the subscriber to the campaign if there is a removed subscriber in Drip with the same email address; otherwise, respond with 422 Unprocessable Entity. Defaults to true.

public int? StartingEmailIndex { get; set; }

Optional. The index (zero-based) of the email to send first. Defaults to 0.