Leadpages.Drip.DripDotNet by dripaccounts

<PackageReference Include="Leadpages.Drip.DripDotNet" Version="1.2.0" />


public class DripSubscriber
Represents a Subscriber in a Drip account.
public DateTime? CreatedAt { get; set; }

When this subscriber was created in Drip.

public Dictionary<string, string> CustomFields { get; set; }

A dictionary containing custom field data. E.g. new Dictionary<string,string> { { "name" , "John Doe" } }

public string Email { get; set; }

The subscriber's email address.

public string Href { get; set; }

The REST endpoint that can be used to retrieve the subscriber.

public string ID { get; set; }

The subscriber's Unique ID. This can be used in place of an email address on some API calls.

public string IpAddress { get; set; }

The IP Address used by the subscriber to access your site.

public string OriginalReferrer { get; set; }

The Url that originally referred the subscriber to your site.

public string Status { get; set; }

The subscriber's status (i.e. "active")

public List<string> Tags { get; set; }

A list containing one or more tags. E.g. ["Customer", "SEO"].

public string Timezone { get; set; }

The subscriber's time zone (in Olsen format). Defaults to Etc/UTC

public string UserAgent { get; set; }

The user agent of the subscriber's web browser.

public int? UtcOffset { get; set; }

The subscriber's local timezone utc offset as reported by their browser.

public string VisitorUuid { get; set; }

The Uuid of the visitor.

public DripSubscriber()