Hashsum by Tyrrrz

<PackageReference Include="Hashsum" Version="1.0.0" />


public class ChecksumBuilder : IDisposable
Fluent interface for mutating and calculating checksums.
public ChecksumBuilder(HashAlgorithm algorithm, bool disposeAlgorithm = false)

Initializes ChecksumBuilder with given hashing algorithm.

public ChecksumBuilder()

Initializes ChecksumBuilder with SHA256 hashing algorithm.

public byte[] Calculate()

Calculates the checksum and clears buffer.

protected virtual void Dispose(bool disposing)

Disposes resources.

public void Dispose()

public ChecksumBuilder Mutate(string str)

Mutates checksum by given string.

Mutates checksum by given value.

Mutates checksum by given date.

public ChecksumBuilder Mutate(byte[] data)

Mutates checksum by given data.