Hangfire.Core by Sergey Odinokov

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 Hangfire.Core 1.4.5

Core components for Hangfire (background job system for ASP.NET applications).

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    <title>Hangfire Core Components</title>
    <authors>Sergey Odinokov</authors>
    <description>Core components for Hangfire (background job system for ASP.NET applications).</description>
* Fixed – "This stream does not support seek operations." exception in Dashboard buttons and stats.
* Fixed – `InvalidCastException` in Dashboard when using Microsoft.Owin 3.0.1 package.
* Fixed – Non-working buttons and counter updates in Dashboard when a body stream isn't at the start position.
* Fixed – `OverflowException` on Job Details page when latency is too high (by @schulz3000).
* Fixed – Job serialization fix when using `TypeNameHandling.All` option (by @tystol).
* Added – Missing generic methods for continuations (by @yngndrw).
* Fixed – MSMQ extension does not work without explicit queue names in `UseMsmqQueues`.
* Fixed – Missing null-check in Retries page after casting connection to `JobStorageConnection`.
* Fixed – Enqueued jobs cannot be deleted from the Dashboard.
* Fixed – Error when building the project using `build.bat` on a machine with VS 2013 only (by @Cussa).
* Fixed – 1.4.0 ignoring `BackgroundJobServerOptions` settings in `UseHangfireServer` method.
* Added – Job continuations, please see new `BackgroundJob.ContinueWith` methods.
* Added – Time zone support for recurring jobs using `TimeZoneInfo` class.
* Added – Single place for global configuration, please see `GlobalConfiguration` class.
* Added – Made configurable the 'Back to Site' path in the dashboard (by @ysasaki1985).
* Added – Ability to plug in custom dashboard pages and modify navigation.
* Added – Ability to add custom metrics to the Home page in Dashboard.
* Added – Test coverage badge from Coveralls application.
* Added – Dedicated page for retrying jobs to distinguish them from other scheduled jobs.
* Added – Show expiration time on Job Details page.
* Added – More methods for build-in storage through `JobStorageConnection` and `JobStorageTransaction` classes.
* Added – Paging support for Recurring Jobs page.
* Added – New OWIN's `IAppBuilder` extension methods: `UseHangfireDashboard` and `UseHangfireServer`.
* Added – Add a notice about failed jobs expiration time.
* Added – Show warnings in Dashboard for jobs processing by inactive servers.
* Changed – New look and feel for Dashboard. New navigation, less colors, more accents.
* Changed – Determine job type of a current object when `MethodCallExpression` has `Object` property set.
* Changed – Making Product Version and File Version on the dll match the Assembly Version (by @fire-eagle).
* Changed – Use different log level for exceptions occured within automatic retry wrapper.
* Changed – Retry a job when there was an exception during state transition instead of moving it to the Failed state.
* Fixed – Recurring Page throws exception from CronExpressionDescriptor library.
* Fixed – Hangfire stops processing when storage outage was too long.
* Fixed – Don't leak foreground colors in ColouredConsoleLogger.
* Obsolete – `BackgroundJobServer`'s `Start` and `Stop` methods are obsolete.</releaseNotes>
    <copyright>Copyright © 2013-2015 Sergey Odinokov</copyright>
    <tags>Hangfire OWIN Long-Running Background Fire-And-Forget Delayed Recurring Tasks Jobs Scheduler Threading Queues</tags>
      <dependency id="Owin" version="1.0" />
      <dependency id="Newtonsoft.Json" version="5.0.0" />