GranSteL.Templates.Chatbot by GranSteL

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 GranSteL.Templates.Chatbot 1.1.0

Chat bot template for messengers

<package xmlns="">
    <license type="file">LICENSE</license>
    <description>Chat bot template for messengers</description>
    <releaseNotes>Move to Google.Cloud.Dialogflow.V2; 
		Remove reference to Dialoflow.Api.V1.Standard; 
		Update mapping to Dialogflow v2; 
		Filter "ping" requests at Yandex service; 
		Using GranSteL.Helpers.Redis instead of local service; 
		Some libraries updated;
		Fix references;
        Port 1402, optional "token" argument;
        Add choice of template;
	    Add channels via scripts;
        Delete environment variables;
        Delete url from telegram json config;
        Resolve some events with DF, "welcome" if request text is empty at new session of yandex
		Log requests and responses by configuration</releaseNotes>
    <tags>Yandex, Dialogs, Models</tags>
      <packageType name="Template" />
    <repository type="Github" url="" />