Google.Cloud.Memcache.V1 by Google LLC

<PackageReference Include="Google.Cloud.Memcache.V1" Version="2.0.0" />


Request for [UpdateInstance][].
public const int InstanceFieldNumber = 2

Field number for the "instance" field.

public const int UpdateMaskFieldNumber = 1

Field number for the "update_mask" field.

public static MessageDescriptor Descriptor { get; }

public static MessageParser<UpdateInstanceRequest> Parser { get; }

public Instance Instance { get; set; }

Required. A Memcached Instance. Only fields specified in update_mask are updated.

public FieldMask UpdateMask { get; set; }

Required. Mask of fields to update. * `displayName`

public int CalculateSize()

public bool Equals(UpdateInstanceRequest other)

public void MergeFrom(UpdateInstanceRequest other)

public void MergeFrom(CodedInputStream input)

public void WriteTo(CodedOutputStream output)