Google.Cloud.Memcache.V1 by Google LLC

<PackageReference Include="Google.Cloud.Memcache.V1" Version="2.0.0" />


public const int IdFieldNumber = 1

Field number for the "id" field.

public const int ParamsFieldNumber = 3

Field number for the "params" field.

public static MessageDescriptor Descriptor { get; }

public static MessageParser<MemcacheParameters> Parser { get; }

public string Id { get; set; }

Output only. The unique ID associated with this set of parameters. Users can use this id to determine if the parameters associated with the instance differ from the parameters associated with the nodes and any action needs to be taken to apply parameters on nodes.

public MapField<string, string> Params { get; }

User defined set of parameters to use in the memcached process.

public int CalculateSize()

public bool Equals(MemcacheParameters other)

public void MergeFrom(MemcacheParameters other)

public void MergeFrom(CodedInputStream input)

public void WriteTo(CodedOutputStream output)