Google.Cloud.Memcache.V1 by Google LLC

<PackageReference Include="Google.Cloud.Memcache.V1" Version="2.0.0" />


Response for [ListInstances][].
public const int InstancesFieldNumber = 1

Field number for the "instances" field.

public const int NextPageTokenFieldNumber = 2

Field number for the "next_page_token" field.

public const int UnreachableFieldNumber = 3

Field number for the "unreachable" field.

public static MessageDescriptor Descriptor { get; }

public static MessageParser<ListInstancesResponse> Parser { get; }

public RepeatedField<Instance> Instances { get; }

A list of Memcached instances in the project in the specified location, or across all locations. If the `location_id` in the parent field of the request is "-", all regions available to the project are queried, and the results aggregated.

public string NextPageToken { get; set; }

Token to retrieve the next page of results, or empty if there are no more results in the list.

public RepeatedField<string> Unreachable { get; }

Locations that could not be reached.

public int CalculateSize()

public bool Equals(ListInstancesResponse other)

Returns an enumerator that iterates through the resources in this response.

public void MergeFrom(ListInstancesResponse other)

public void MergeFrom(CodedInputStream input)

public void WriteTo(CodedOutputStream output)