Google.Cloud.Memcache.V1 by Google LLC

<PackageReference Include="Google.Cloud.Memcache.V1" Version="2.0.0" />


Namespace with 19 public types


 ApplyParametersRequest Request for [ApplyParameters][].
 CloudMemcacheClientBuilder Builder class for to provide simple configuration of credentials, endpoint etc.
 CloudMemcacheClientImpl CloudMemcache client wrapper implementation, for convenient use.
 CloudMemcacheSettings Settings for instances.
 CreateInstanceRequest Request for [CreateInstance][].
 DeleteInstanceRequest Request for [DeleteInstance][].
 GetInstanceRequest Request for [GetInstance][].
 InstanceName Resource name for the Instance resource.
 ListInstancesRequest Request for [ListInstances][].
 ListInstancesResponse Response for [ListInstances][].
 OperationMetadata Represents the metadata of a long-running operation.
 UpdateInstanceRequest Request for [UpdateInstance][].
 UpdateParametersRequest Request for [UpdateParameters][].


 MemcacheVersion Memcached versions supported by our service.

 Static Classes

 CloudMemcache Configures and manages Cloud Memorystore for Memcached instances. The `` service implements the Google Cloud Memorystore for Memcached API and defines the following resource model for managing Memorystore Memcached (also called Memcached below) instances: * The service works with a collection of cloud projects, named: `/projects/*` * Each project has a collection of available locations, named: `/locations/*` * Each location has a collection of Memcached instances, named: `/instances/*` * As such, Memcached instances are resources of the form: `/projects/{project_id}/locations/{location_id}/instances/{instance_id}` Note that location_id must be a GCP `region`; for example: * `projects/my-memcached-project/locations/us-central1/instances/my-memcached`
 CloudMemcacheReflection Holder for reflection information generated from google/cloud/memcache/v1/cloud_memcache.proto

 Abstract Classes

 CloudMemcacheClient CloudMemcache client wrapper, for convenient use.