Exul.IoC by Michael Kokorin

<PackageReference Include="Exul.IoC" Version="0.0.4" />

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  •  Assembly
  •  Namespace
  •  Class
  •  Interface or Abstract Class
  •  Static Class
  •  Struct
  •  Enum
  •  Delegate
  •  Grayed out == non-public

 Exul.IoC 0.0.4

Common interfaces for IoC containers.

<package xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/packaging/2011/08/nuspec.xsd">
    <authors>Michael Kokorin</authors>
    <owners>Michael Kokorin</owners>
    <description>Common interfaces for IoC containers.</description>
    <summary>The package installs debug and release versions using $(Configuration) variable as part of path.
            So if you have configurations different from Debug and Release, create appropriate folder in the package location and copy debug or release version of library into it.</summary>
    <releaseNotes />
    <copyright>Copyright © Michael Kokorin</copyright>
      <dependency id="Exul.Core" version="" />