Exts.Ranging.Classes.Operators by AdamSpeight2008

<PackageReference Include="Exts.Ranging.Classes.Operators" Version="1.0.1" />

 Exts.Ranging.Classes.Operators 1.0.1

Adds Range Bounds Operators, via lifted type.

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    <description>Adds Range Bounds Operators, via lifted type.</description>
    <summary>Bounds Checks via Operators.</summary>
    <releaseNotes>By lifting T in another class, this allowed me to enable the following bound checks. 

(Lower).__ &lt;  Value &lt;  Upper
(Lower).__ &lt;  Value &lt;=Upper
(Lower).__ &lt;= Value &lt;  Upper
(Lower).__ &lt;= Value &lt;= Upper

Note:- Operators &gt; and &gt;= are marked as obsolete to restrict there usage.

Fixing Package</releaseNotes>