DPSF by Daniel Schroeder

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Magnet that attracts particles to/from a line with specified end points in 3D space
public Vector3 EndPoint1 { get; set; }

The position of the first End Point

public Vector3 EndPoint2 { get; set; }

The position of the second End Point

public MagnetLineSegment(Vector3 sEndPoint1Position, Vector3 sEndPoint2Position, MagnetModes eMode, DistanceFunctions eDistanceFunction, float fMinDistance, float fMaxDistance, float fMaxForce, int iType)

Explicit Constructor

public MagnetLineSegment(MagnetLineSegment cMagnetToCopy)

Copy Constructor

public void CopyFrom(MagnetLineSegment cMagnetToCopy)

Copies the given Line Segment Magnet's data into this Line Segment Magnet's data