DPSF by Daniel Schroeder

<PackageReference Include="DPSF" Version="2.5.0" />

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public class DPSFDefaultEffect : Effect
The Default Effect provided by DPSF.

The list of valid DPSF Default Effect configurations

public float ColorBlendAmount { get; set; }

How much of the vertex Color should be blended in with the Texture's Color.

0.0 = use Texture's color, 1.0 = use specified color. Default is 0.5.

public Matrix Projection { get; set; }

The Projection matrix.

public Texture2D Texture { get; set; }

The texture to use to draw the particles.

public Matrix View { get; set; }

The View matrix.

public Matrix World { get; set; }

The World matrix.

public DPSFDefaultEffect(GraphicsDevice graphicsDevice, DPSFDefaultEffectConfigurations configuration)


public DPSFDefaultEffect(DPSFDefaultEffect effectToClone)

Initializes a new instance of the DPSFDefaultEffect class.