DPSF by Daniel Schroeder

<PackageReference Include="DPSF" Version="2.5.0" />

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 DPSFDefaultAnimatedSprite3DBillboardParticleSystem<Particle, Vertex>

public abstract class DPSFDefaultAnimatedSprite3DBillboardParticleSystem<Particle, Vertex> : DPSFDefaultSprite3DBillboardTextureCoordinates<Particle, Vertex> where Particle : DPSFParticle where Vertex : struct, IDPSFParticleVertex
The Default Animated Sprite Particle System class


protected void UpdateParticleAnimationAndTextureCoordinates(DefaultAnimatedSprite3DBillboardParticle cParticle, float fElapsedTimeInSeconds)

Updates the Animation, as well as the Particle's Texture Coordinates to match the Animation

Updates the Particle to be removed from the Particle System once the Animation finishes Playing