CoberturaConverter.Core by Georg Dangl

<PackageReference Include="CoberturaConverter.Core" Version="1.1.1" />

 CoberturaConverter.Core 1.1.1

Library to convert coverage reports to Cobertura

<package xmlns="">
    <authors>Georg Dangl</authors>
    <owners>Georg Dangl</owners>
    <description>Library to convert coverage reports to Cobertura</description>
    <releaseNotes>## v1.1.1:
- Bugfix: dotCover failed when method name did not contain any parentheses `(` (see #1)

## v1.1.0:
- Update to NUKE 0.4.0

## v1.0.1
- Support nested types when converting from dotCover
- Exclude types without lines when converting from dotCover to Cobertura

## v1.0.0
- Initial Release</releaseNotes>
    <copyright>(c) 2018 Georg Dangl</copyright>
    <repository type="git" url="" />
      <group targetFramework=".NETStandard2.0" />