C3.ServiceFabric.HttpServiceGateway by C3 Loyalty Services

<PackageReference Include="C3.ServiceFabric.HttpServiceGateway" Version="0.2.1" />


Configuration options for the retry behavior of the HttpClient.
public Type[] DoNotRetryExceptionTypes { get; set; }

Exception types which should not result in a retry operation.

public TimeSpan MaxRetryBackoffInterval { get; set; }

The maximum time to wait between two retries.

public int MaxRetryCount { get; set; }

The number of times a service request is retried in case of an error.

public TimeSpan OperationTimeout { get; set; }

The maximum amount of time to wait for one single service request. (this value is reset for every retry)

public bool RetryHttpStatusCodeErrors { get; set; }

Defines whether certain status codes from the response should be retried. (eg. 500)