Auth0.OidcClient.AndroidX by Auth0

<PackageReference Include="Auth0.OidcClient.AndroidX" Version="3.2.5" />

 Auth0.OidcClient.AndroidX 3.2.5

Auth0 OIDC Client for Xamarin AndroidX apps

<package xmlns="">
    <license type="expression">Apache-2.0</license>
    <description>Auth0 OIDC Client for Xamarin AndroidX apps</description>
    <releaseNotes>Version 3.2.5
      - Do not mutate dictionary when passed to our SDK using LoginAsync, LogoutAsync or RefreshTokenAsync

      Version 3.2.4
      - Fix dependency issue with System.Text.Json

      Version 3.2.3
      - Fix dependency issue with OidcClient

      Version 3.2.2
      - Update OidcClient to 4.0.0 

      Version 3.2.1
      - Fix System.Text.Encodings.Web vulnerability:
      - Fix System.Text.RegularExpressions vulnerability

      Version 3.2.0
      - Add support for Organizations

      Version 3.1.6
      - Correct packaging so the NuGet actually is AndroidX
      Version 3.1.5
	    - New version of Auth0.OidcClient.Android targeting AndroidX</releaseNotes>
    <copyright>Copyright 2017-2020 Auth0, Inc.</copyright>
    <tags>Auth0 OIDC Android Xamarin</tags>
      <group targetFramework="MonoAndroid1.0">
        <dependency id="Auth0.OidcClient.Core" version="3.2.5" />