Atalasoft.dotImage.Barcoding.Reading.x86 by Atalasoft

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public enum Symbologies
Barcode symbology identifiers. Flagged.
All = 268435455

A combination of all the symbologies.

All1D = 133128063

A combination of all the 1D symbologies.

All2D = 135307392

A combination of all the 2D symbologies.

Australia Post

The DataString property is a string consisting of:

the two digit Format Control Code, then a space, followed bythe eight digit Delivery Point Identifier, then a space, followed bythe data in the Customer Information Field, if this field is present. This data is represented by a sequence of digits 0-3 specifying the 4-state values of the individual bars in the field. The XOptions property's "australiaTable" key may be used to specify the use of the C or N table to interpret the data in the field.a final space then eight digits of error correction data.

Aztec = 134217728

Aztec Barcode

Codabar = 2


Code11 = 4

Code 11

Code128 = 8

Code 128. For more information see

Code32 = 16

also known as: Base 32, Pharma 32/39, and Italian Pharmacode. Note, not the same as Pharmacode-Laetus.

Code 32 barcodes are similar to Code 39 barcodes with a different encodation.

If both Code39 and Code32 are enabled, some symbols (barcodes) can be returned twice, once for each symbology.

Code39 = 32

Code 39

Code93 = 64

Code 93

Datamatrix = 128

Data Matrix

Ean13 = 256


Ean8 = 512


I2of5 = 1024

Interleaved 2 of 5

Intelligent Mail

Itf14 = 4096

ITF-14 (the GS1 implementation of I2of5 to encode a Global Trade Item Number)

MicroQr = 8192

Micro QR Code

None = 0

Empty set of symbologies

Patch = 16384


Pdf417 = 32768


Planet = 65536


Plus2 = 262144

2-digit supplementals associated with EAN and UPC symbology barcodes.

Plus5 = 524288

5-digit supplementals associated with EAN and UPC symbology barcodes.

Postnet = 131072


Qr = 1048576

QR Code

Rm4scc = 2097152

RM4SCC (Royal Mail 4-State Customer Code)

Rss14 = 4194304


RSS-14 alternate formats are read as well as the regular format. The alternate formats are truncated, stacked, and stacked omnidirectional. It is recommended that the alignment of truncated and stacked symbols be close to horizontal or vertical.

RssLimited = 8388608

RSS Limited

It is recommended that symbols whose height is near to the specified minimum be aligned close to horizontal or vertical.

Telepen = 16777216


Upca = 33554432


UPC A barcodes are identical to EAN13 barcodes with the same encodation except for an additional leading zero on the latter. If both Ean13 and Upca are specified then ReadBarsReadBars can return two BarCode instances, one for each symbology, for the one barcode.

Upce = 67108864


UPC E encodations are a compressed form of UPC A. The DataString property holds the full uncompressed UPC A encodation for this symbology.