Atalasoft.dotImage.Barcoding.Reading.x86 by Atalasoft

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public enum Directions
Read direction identifiers. Flagged.
All = 255

Represents all supported directions.

East = 1

Easterly scan (horizontally, left to right).

None = 0

Represents no directions. Not recommended in general use.

North = 8

Northerly scan (vertically, bottom to top).

NorthEast = 16

Northeasterly scan (diagonally, lower left to upper right).

NorthWest = 128

Northwesterly scan (diagonally, lower right to upper left).

South = 2

Southerly scan (vertically, top to bottom).

SouthEast = 32

Southeasterly scan (diagonally, upper right to lower left).

SouthWest = 64

Southwesterly scan (diagonally, upper right to lower left).

West = 4

Westerly scan (horizontally, right to left).