Atalasoft.dotImage.Barcoding.Reading.x86 by Atalasoft

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A barcode reader. To read barcodes from an image, create an instance of this class, associate it with the image, and invoke its ReadBarsReadBars method.
public bool AutoDetect1D { get; set; }


public BarCodeReader()

Creates a BarCodeReader for an image represented by the specified image data provider.

public BarCodeReader(AtalaImage image)

Creates a BarCodeReader for a specified AtalaImage image.

public BarCodeReader(AtalaImage image, ImageCommand thresholdCommand)

Construct a new BarCodeReader with the supplied image and apply the thresholdCommand to the image.

public BarCodeReader(AtalaImage image, bool autoThreshold)

Create a BarCodeReader for a specified AtalaImage image and conditionally threshold the image.

public void Dispose()