Atalasoft.dotImage.Barcoding.Reading.x86 by Atalasoft

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public sealed class BarCode
Describes a barcode symbol found within an image.
public Rectangle BoundingRect { get; }

The bounding rectangle of the barcode.

public int CheckCharPos { get; }

The index of the check character in the DataString, or -1 if not present.

public double Confidence { get; }

Represents the detected barcode recognition confidence.

public byte[] Data { get; }

The raw barcode data as an array of bytes.

public string DataString { get; }

The data encoded by this barcode, as a String

public Point[] EndEdgePoints { get; }

Two points delimiting the trailing edge of the barcode.

public int ErrorCorrectionLevel { get; }

The error correction level.

public bool HasSupplemental { get; }

true if this barcode has a supplemental barcode.

public Directions ReadDirection { get; }

The direction in which the barcode was read.

public Point[] StartEdgePoints { get; }

Two points delimiting the leading edge of the barcode.

The Structured Append data for this barcode if applicable, else null.

public BarCode Supplemental { get; }

The supplemental barcode associated with this barcode, or null if none.

public BarCode Supplmental { get; }

old misspelling of 'Supplemental'.

public Symbologies Symbology { get; }

The symbology of this barcode.