Arad.SMPP by Ammar Heidari

<PackageReference Include="Arad.SMPP" Version="1.0.9" />


A client connected to AradSmppServer.
public ConnectionMode BindingMode { get; set; }

Connection mode in which client bound to SMPP server

SSL Client Certificate used to authenticate on the SMPP Server.

public TimeSpan InactivityTimeout { get; set; }

Specifies the maximum period after which time, if no SMPP messages are exchanged, the SMPP session may be dropped gracefully. Default is 2 minutes. The value can be changed in the event evClientConnected

public ProxyEndpoint Proxy { get; }

Provides source and destination IP addresses of originator of this connection

public bool ProxyProtocolEnabled { get; set; }

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the proxy protocol is enabled for this client instance.

public AradSmppServer Server { get; }

Gets the server that created this client instance.

public event BindEventHandler evBind

Occurs when Bind packet received

Occurs when receiving CancelSm PDU

Occurs when OutBind packet received

Occurs when receiving QuerySm PDU

Occurs when receiving ReplaceSm PDU

Occurs when receiving SubmitMulti PDU

Occurs when receiving SubmitSm PDU

public Task<DeliverSmResp[]> Deliver(DeliverSm[] pduList)

Sends message from SMSC to ESME

Submits an array of DeliverSm messages created from SMS builder.

Submits an array of DeliverSm messages to ESME.

Submits a collection of DeliverSm messages to ESME.