Arad.SMPP by Ammar Heidari

<PackageReference Include="Arad.SMPP" Version="1.0.9" />

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Namespace with 77 public types


 CertificateValidationEventArgs Class that provides event data for validation remote certificates
 ComposerItem Represents an item for that collects received parts of the concatenation message.
 Concatenation Represents concatenation parameters
 DistributionList Represents Distribution list name
 EncodingMapper A class that helps to configure mapping between data coding scheme for short message and .NET Encoding.
 GenericNackSmppException Thrown when client receives negative acknowledgement to an SMPP PDU submitted with an invalid message header. Invalid command or unknown command.
 MessageComposer Helps to combine concatenated segments into complete message text.
 MessageEventHandlerArgs Arguments for message event handler in .
 ProxyEndpoint Represents header of Proxy Protocol
 Receipt Represents Delivery receipt
 SmppConnectionOptions Options for SMPP connection.
 UnsuccessfulDelivery Represents SME address or/and Distribution name to which submission was unsuccessful
 UserData UserData class contains the user data of PDU
 WorkersTaskScheduler Created workers threads to handle queued tasks.


 CommandSet The CommandSet identifies the type of message the SMPP PDU represents,
 CommandStatus CommandStatus of an SMPP message response indicates the success or failure of an SMPP request.
 ConnectionMode ESME may bind to the SMSC as either a Transmitter (called ESME Transmitter), a Receiver (called ESME Receiver) or a Transceiver (called ESME Transceiver).
 ConnectionStatus Client connection status
 DataCodings Indicates the encoding scheme of the short message.
 GSMSpecificFeatures GSM Network Specific Features (bits 7-6 of esm_class)
 IntermediateNotification Intermediate Notification (bit 5 of registered_delivery)
 MessageModes Messaging Modes (bits 1-0 of esm_class)
 MessageState States for a short message.
 MessageTypes Messaging Types (bits 5-2 of esm_class)
 Npi Numeric Plan Indicator (NPI) used in the SME address parameters.
 SMEAcknowledgement SME originated Acknowledgement (bits 3 and 2 of registered_delivery)
 SMSCDeliveryReceipt SMSC Delivery Receipt (bits 1 and 0 of registered_delivery)

 Static Classes

 SmppTime Represents time definitions described in SMPP protocol.


 IConcatenation Defines SMPP request that supports concatenation parameters.